Ruth Price - folk singer
New hex CD husk and bark

Some info about the songs & a few short clips that you can listen to

1 - Lisbon - (4.07)

A song of the Napoleonic wars - of a girl offering to cut her hair, donn uniform and follow her lover to the wars. He tries everything to disuade her. Allied soldiers were fed into Spain via the port of Lisbon in Portugal and ultimately into France to defeat Boney.
2 - Rolling Downward (Through the Midnight) - (3.12)

Part of the Moody and Sankey collection of hymns, also a Sheffield carol. It's other name is ‘The Angel’s Song’.
3 - Johnson Girls - (2.24)

This is a negro menhhaden shanty from the US Atlantic coastal regions. A menhhaden is an oily fish. These shanties have a long pause after each verse where the fishermen caught their breath. For the pause we have extended the last line to take up the slack.
4 - My Boy Jack - (Kipling/Bellamy) - (3.57)

Kipling pulled many strings to enable his son John to enlist in the Irish Guards at the start of the great war, despite being underage and with very poor eyesight. He was killed in his very first engagement in the battle of Loos and his body was never found.
5 - Fire Down Below - (3.10)

A shanty found in the US Library of Congress about the bordellos of the Barbary Coast around San Francisco. The ‘Midway Plaisances’ was one of many halls that put on bawdy shows. Booths were plentifull where private shows could be purchased - no questions asked. The song has nothing to do with fire!
6 - John Barleycorn (4.48)

The cycle of life through the story of beer. One of many versions.
7 - Miner’s Lifeguard - (3.57)

Originated in the mines of South Wales sung to the tune of ‘Calon Lan’. It went to the US and became ‘Life is like a mountain railroad’ then came back to Britain to become this version. Also known as ‘Miners Life’.
8 - Ah Cud Hew - (Ed Pickford) - (2.57)

A song Written by Ed Pickford about miner’s lung. This version is from a recording of Ed’s old group Northern Front. Ed says ‘Very nicely done’ to our version.
9 - Tally-Ho Nancy - (2.45)

A fox hunting song from Shropshire akin to ‘The Cheerfull Arn’. You can hear Ruth doing a fair impression of a hunting horn at full blast.
10 - Eternal Day - (3.10)

A lovely song from the 1991 Denson revised edition of The Sacred Harp from the Shape Note singers of Missouri, sung with the FaSoLa introduction. An example of fuguing - overlapping parts that come together at the end.
11 - Rolling Down the River - (Jack Forbes) - (3.33)

This was written for a documentary about Tilbury Docks 1n 1982 and is about container ships. It talks about the TEU which is twenty foot equivalent unit (container). Also known as ‘Rolling Up - Rolling Down’.
12 - One More Pull - (Ian Woods) - (4.46)

Ian Woods says this is merely a love song - nothing more. Lots of opportunities for soaring harmonies.

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recorded & mixed by Mark Hutchinson at Rooksmere Studios
Front cover design Nick Meads

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