Ruth Price - folk singer

Mr Lud’s Song

This compilation CD of traditional and modern Luddite music has a great line-up of artists. It includes existing recordings, songs from the musical shows that toured in 2012 and other new compositions inspired by the 200th anniversary. The title comes from an intercepted letter from a Yorkshire weaver to his brother in 1812: ‘We received him as a friend from you and enjoyed ourselves over a pot or two of beer, and he read us Mr Lud’s Song’. It is the only collection of such Luddite material ever assembled and is no doubt destined to become a collector’s item.


Ruth and Sadie Price - Bill Price - Chumbawamba - Seize the Day - New Model Army - Robert Calvert (ex Hawkwind) - Steeleye Span - Martin Davis - Ark B - Eric Angus Whyte - The Hammer and Shears Theatre Company - Annie Dearman & Steve Harrison - Gary Kaye - Mikron Theatre Company - Torture the Flag - The Reform League - One Accord - Karl Dallas

The Songs:

1 - Ned Ludd

Sieze the Day
2 - The Triumph of General Ludd

3 - The Cropper Lads

Bill Price
4 - You Heroes of England (live)

Hammer and Shears Theatre Company
5 - All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace

Gary Kaye
6 - Ned Ludd

Robert Calvert
7 - The Tazzling Mill

Ark B
8 - Forsters Mill

Ruth and Sadie Price
9 - Mischief Brewing (live)

One Accord
10 - Tyrants of England

Annie Dearman & Steve Harrison
11 - Ned Ludd

Torture the Flag
12 - Hunting a Loaf

The Reform League
13 - Luddite Sons

Eric Angus Whyte
14 - Song of the Raids

Mikron Theatre Company
15 - Ned Ludd (part 3)

Steeleye Span
16 - The Ballad of Samuel Hartley

Martin Davis
17 - White Coats

The New Model Army
18 - Old Ned Ludd

Karl Dallas
19 - General Ludd


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