Ruth and Sadie Price
folk singers

All the festivals we would have been singing at last year were cancelled. We’ll see you again later in 2021.

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ℜuth and Sadie Price

ℜuth and Sadie were brought up in Dewsbury West Yorkshire and have both been heavily influenced by traditional song from a very early age. They sing mainly unaccompanied songs from a wide repertoire, which includes: songs from their family tradition and West Yorkshire; songs which they have learned from the family’s associations with North America (ℜuth was born in Canada); and some contemporary stuff. ℜuth provides the occasional concertina accompaniment.
Over a number of years ℜuth and Sadie have attended many English folk festivals. They are both heavily involved with morris dancing, and have sung in pubs and beer tents whilst at festivals. Over the past decade their spine tingling sibling harmonies have become increasingly in demand at folk clubs and festivals.
They both have work and family commitments but if you are interested in booking ℜuth and Sadie please make contact, they will consider most things folky.
Their Father was Bill Price from Dewsbury who was very popular on the folk scene in the 1970s, they sing a number of his songs, some to tunes written by their Mum Wendy.
"ℜuth and Sadie’s voices and harmonies are exemplary, they are superb exponents of quality song, and an opportunity to hear them should not be missed."
uth is a versatile singer who also performs on her own; in the three part harmony group hex pent - with Terry & Linda Dix; and along with Sadie in She Shanties, a women’s shanty crew.

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To contact ℜuth: eMail - ruth ‘at’